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Bahasa Latin antara bahasa yang tidak lagi digunakan sebagai bahasa percakapan oleh mana-mana bangsa.  Namun ia masih belum dikategorikan sebagai pupus terus (seperti Hebrew dan Aramia) kerana masih banyak kalimat atau istilah Bahasa Latin yang masih digunakan masa ini khususnya dalam istilah saintifik dan perundangan. Antaranya: 
  • alibi (elsewhere OR attempts to show that he was elsewhere at the time a crime was committed)
  • ab initio (from the beginning)
  • ultra vires (beyond the powers)
  • prima facie ( its first appearance, or at first sight
  • quid pro quo (a more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services), 
  • mutatis mutandis ("by changing those things which need to be changed" or more simply "the necessary changes having been made")
  • locus standi (the right to bring an action, to be heard in court, or to address the Court on a matter before it), 
  • primus inter pares ( the first among equals or first among peers), 
  • inter alia (among other things), 
  • bona fide/mala fide (in good faith/in bad faith), 
  • a priori (from the former), 
  • ad honorem ("for the honour", not seeking any material reward), 
  • ad hoc ("for this", in the sense of improvised on the spot or designed for only a specific, immediate purpose), 
  • alumni/alumna/alumnus (former student/grduate).
  • modus operandi (mode of operating, methods of operation/procedure)
  • addendum (things to be added)
  • vice versa (the other way round) 
Aku baru terjumpa istilah 'sine qua non' dalam teks ucapan YAB PM dalam Majlis Perdana Perkhidmatan Awam ke 11 (MAPPA XI) pada PICC pada 09 Mac 2010.  Lihat petikan (satu perenggan) dari ucapan beliau;

"Mendasari segalanya adalah kesetiaan para penjawat awam adalah sine qua non kepada kewujudan pentadbiran. Jumlah penjawat awam terkini melebihi sejuta orang. Kesatuan fikiran dan kesatuan tindakan adalah prasyarat kepada kejayaan yang kita idamkan. Kesetiaan adalah nilai paling mustahak yang menunjang budaya sepasukan. Kesetiaan yang saya maksudkan di sini adalah kesetiaan kepada negara berlandaskan kesetiaan kepada perlembagaan. Dalam kata lain, satu bentuk kesetiaan yang penuh profesional oleh para penjawat awam"

Lepas itu, aku mula mencari maksud istilah tersebut melalui 'internet dictionary'.  Antara definisi-definisi yang aku perolehi ialah sepeeti berikut:.

Sine qua non (pronounced "saɪnɨ kweɪ ˈnɒn, Latin[ˈsɪnɛ kwaː ˈnoːn]) or condicio sine qua non (plural: condiciones sine quibus non) refers to an indispensable and essential action, condition, or ingredient. It was originally aLatin legal term for "[a condition] without which it could not be," or "but for..." or "without which [there is] nothing."- Wikipedia.

"something absolutely indispensable or essential reliability is a sine qua non for success" - Merriam-Webster Dictionary. 

"indispensable condition, element, or factor; something essential: Her presence was the sine qua non of every social event" -

Antara kenyataan-kenyataan yang menggunakan istilah 'sine qua non':

"If English has become the sine qua non of effective global diplomacy, the ability to converse in regional and local languages of your host country will be equally critical in effective local diplomacy." 

"By spring 1992, in accordance with the wishes of the international community and after months of strenuous negotiation, the UN had finally convinced Najibullah to resign his post as president of Afghanistan. All the parties involved in the ongoing civil war there had agreed that there could be no peace until Najib was gone. It was the virtual sine qua non for any meaningful colloquy. Accordingly, on 18 March 1992, Najib publicly announced he would resign as soon as an authority could be designated to replace him. He did not specify a date for his resignation to be effective; instead, he gave a condition".

"Arak, a grape-based aniseed liqueur, is Lebanon’s national drink and the sine qua non with which to eat Lebanese mezze. Whisky may have brought the arak market to its knees in recent years, but arak is still the taste of Lebanon and the drink of the common man, who will still use it to fortify himself for the day’s work"

"Immigration and innovation are closely linked, and because innovation is the sine qua non of competitiveness in the 21st century world, Immigrants as innovators play a critical role in boosting Canada's global competitiveness".

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