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This is my fourth blog under the brand name of MEMOIR PUTERA LAPIS MAHANG.

I started blogging on Oct 21, 2009 using the blog name of ColToRas a Memoir.

My last entry in that blog was on 13 Sep 2010 before I went for my Hajj in Oct 2010. About the end of Sep 2010, my gmail accout was hacked by a foreigner (I used the gmail password as my blogspot password). Actually I was cheated by that person who used very delicate tactic to influence the email owner. I received an email from SOMEBODY who was acting as such as gmail/google administrator who give me the reminder to upgrade my gmail account. According to the bugger, I must provide some information in order for the gmail management to assure that my account would not be affected by the upgrading programme.  So, I just filled up the columns (space) provided by them (the info was included my gmail password).

Alas, the next day I could not open my gmail and also my blog.

Further to that, the hacker start sending emails to all my friends (whom the email addresses were inside my gmail INBOX. That FUCKER was asking money from all my friends, by telling that I WAS travelled in London, I lost MY wallet (together with passport, money, credit card etc). I NEED about USD2500 to fly back to Kuala Lumpur and promised to pay back after I settled down my problem.

Lucky most of the email receiver ignored that request because they knew that I AM WAS NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Off course, majority of the email address owner were my officemates, family members or local friends. Some of them called me or sent SMS to confirm on the problem.

So, I assume the HACKER got nothing from my friends. BUT I still lost TWO important things. MY GMAIL and MY BLOG. So much precious information were inside both instruments.

Just for readers reference, my DORMANT BLOG is:

BUT I did not give up. I proceed to create a new blog under the brand name of Memoir Putera Lapis Mahang. Initially I have only ONE, but later after I found out that the blog was too big and to many groups of information, I decided to break up my BLOG into variuos group as follow:

1.     Memoir Putera Lapis Mahang: From d'Cradle to d'Grave.
2.     Skot Menulis: SSC Intake 37 SPK
3.     Aku Menulis: Malaysia Tanah Airku
4.     Memoir Putera Lapis Mahang: My Airforce Life
5.     Aku Menulis: Antarabangsa Internationale

And this blog "Aku Menulis: "Malaysia Tanah Airku"  is the latest one. This blog is focus on various type of knowledge or information related to my beloved country MALAYSIA.


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